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Applying suntan lotion to your child and struggling?

So, are you applying suntan lotion to your child and having a struggle, fight, and/or they are having a meltdown?

If they have sensory and tactile issues can definitely be a challenge in itself, even wearing a hat.

Have a look at the tips below along with our flyer but remember:

  • Make it fun – sing a song
  • Make it into a game – pretend you are taking them through the suntan lotion car wash!
  • Try a spray based suntan lotion – spray onto your hands then rub in (gives great deep pressure)
  • Use a suntan stick – this can help with areas such as the back of the neck and face.
  • Distraction – food, even the laptop!
  • Warm up the suntan lotion in your hands first
  • Give fair warning before applying
  • Routine – everytime you go outside, stop and apply
  • Visual schedule – provide this to help them anticipate when applying the suntan lotion is going to happen
  • Don’t forget to wear it yourself – a good role model
  • Try different types of suntan lotion ie spray, stick or lotion

If your child is very sensory sensitive, take small steps and build this up over the days. Once they become desensitised and wearing the suntan lotion, you should find they allow the application without any hassle.

Applying suntan lotion to your child?

Applying suntan lotion to your child and struggling? For some deep pressure activities check out:

To find out more about “heavy work” click on the link below:

Don’t forget to explain the importance of wearing suntan lotion. Keep it simple though. Explaining that the sun can cause burns to our skin. Preparing your child can also be helpful so they are not surprised. Walk your child through the steps involved with going outside, to the pool and adding that sun protection is one of those tasks too.

We are here if you have any questions too – ask away!

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