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Archive for January 2023

Review – Tree Tops Family

Being regulated throughout the day is very important. If a child is not regulated, they will not be able to listen or concentrate and will become fidgety, moving around excessively in their seat. When attending sessions at Tree Tops, conducting the home programme helps a child to put the foundation movement skills into place. Well…

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Review – a budding artist!

One of our Tree Tops from our early days has a wonderful talent that we wanted to share with you. This is mum’s story about James but just look at the pictures below that he drew. Watch this space! These are just two of James’ brilliant pictures from his 2023 calendar. We are going to…

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Where are they now?

Where are they now – 22 years have passed by since Tree Tops Occupational Therapy began. Throughout the years, we have often wondered where are ex Tree Toppers are in the present day. Our ex Tree Toppers can either:

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