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Case Studies

Learning to bite and chew

T was born extremely premature at twenty six weeks gestation. He was ventilated for three weeks and tube fed for three months which later led to his oral sensitivities. As a baby T, did not mouth toys, refused a dummy and would not transition to bottle feeding. When he started weaning, he would frequently gag…

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No sleep to peace and tranquility

Mum always knew G was different. He is the third child and cried constantly, struggled to feed, was behind with his milestones, poor to interact, hated loud noises and much more. At age three years, mum took G to a Paediatrician who stated she could not see anything wrong. Over the years mum saw several…

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From Signing to Stage School

C is a five year old who had a diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay. She was referred to Tree Tops for an assessment by school as she was showing difficulties with her fine/gross motor and independence skills. Mum brought C to her first treatment session where she flatly refused to go to the treatment room…

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Feeding Course – Picky or Problem Feeders?

CASE STUDY Cleveland Unit (James Cook Hospital) for lunch-time supervisors 16th September Following the success of our training day with Cleveland unit staff in July, Jennie –Head Teacher requested that we deliver similar training to their lunch time supervisors. The purpose was to: educate staff on the causes of feeding difficulties-(did you know over 90%…

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