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Archive for February 2018

Tip of the Week!

During a sensory meltdown which sends the child into “fight or flight” try some of the following activities:- * Keep calm * Encourage deep breathing * Do not talk or try to rationalise * Provide a sensory retreat Wait until the child’s facial colour reduces and their breathing settles down then:- * Offer to conduct…

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Visit to ROF59 – 14th February 2018

Thank you all who came to our trampoline and climbing wall afternoon. Do you realise we had approximately 70 children there!! Hope you all had fun, are tired out and sleep sound! (That’s just the parents….)!! Despite sensory issues, we feel the children did very well and all managed to do lots of bouncing and…

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Feeding Training Testimonial – Friday 9th February 2018

“Understanding of the whole process I take for granted. The sensory issues involved in eating/feeding.” “I always think understanding ‘why’ the problem occurs, gives me more empathy when trying to support. Practical strategies are extremely useful.” “I have some new strategies to try at school.” “Support eaters in school.”

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Group visit Tesco Newton Aycliffe – 3 February 2018

Thank you Tesco Newton Aycliffe for looking after Emma, Hayley, Eve and Dawn this morning. We spoke to some lovely families and were given donations too! Lots of leaflets were distributed and we were demonstrating some of the sensory techniques shown by the OT’s at our parent/sibling workshops. We also explained how we put in…

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