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Archive for November 2022

Crafting with Tree Tops!

Take a look and see how we can help those fine motor skills and much more. Each month we will be sharing a Tree Top craft with you to help the areas below. Pop over to our video section and have fun by recreating the activities. Don’t forget…if you want us to cover a certain…

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What is Sensory Integration therapy?

Sensory integration therapy (SI) uses play-orientated sessions which include various equipment such as swings, trampolines, and even slides. Our Tree Toppers and partnership schools also use SI techniques such as deep pressure, brushing, weighted vests, and some have swings. It helps individuals to cope with the difficulties they have responding to their senses and environment…

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Training Testimonial – Middlesbrough

Sensory diets definitely help children to become more regulated so they can sit and concentrate for lengthier periods of time. It is great to hear you will be using a lot of the practicals we showed you in the training.

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Incredibly caring and patient

We could see that your child loved attending his sessions and saw how many areas he had improved in. Keep doing the home programme and we look forward to hearing how he gets on in the next few months.

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OT Week 2022!

This year we are looking at “Lift up your everyday”. Watch out this week for our team’s messages to you all about how they chill when at home.

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