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Tip of the Week

Babies – developmental milestones!

Having tummy time with your baby is a great way to encourage them to get moving and start building up those muscles in their upper body that need to control their head, roll over and crawl. NB: Always supervise a baby’s tummy time.

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Use our calming techniques to lessen anxiety and stress

Today, due to school still looming high in everyone’s thoughts we thought we would stick to calming techniques. Here is our lovely quick but simple stress reliever activity that can be done as a whole class, individually, or even at home as a family. Why not try some calming music as you do this but…

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What is the therapeutic listening programme?

This week we are looking at the therapeutic listening programme and its benefits. One of our Tree Toppers used this alongside his home programme when sitting GCSE’s at school. It definitely helped his anxiety. Another used it when flying.

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Calming: self-regulation techniques

More calming techniques for you. These can be used at home, school, work, in a whole group or individually. The strategies will help calm and self-regulate you so that you are in the zone for work. Get cracking!

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Wearing a face covering with SPD

Whilst young children under the age of 11 and those with a disability are not currently required to wear a face covering in public places (shops, takeaways etc), a lot of people are wearing coverings/masks to protect themselves and others. Many of our Tree Toppers (children and adults) may be struggling to wear a mask…

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