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Archive for September 2021

How to create a home sensory circuit!

How to create a home sensory circuit! Well, sensory circuits are a fantastic way in which to help alert and calm children. The aim is to help focus and concentration to allow them to be ready for learning. It also develops sensory processing skills. Sensory circuits are usually conducted first thing in the morning in…

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What are prewriting skills?

What are prewriting skills? These are the fundamental skills that our children need to develop so they can write. These skills also contribute to a child holding the pencil or pen, drawing, writing, copying and even colouring. These are the strokes that most letters/numbers and our early drawings are made up of! They are mastered…

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Job Opportunity – Occupational Therapist

Would you like to join our friendly and motivated team as a Band 5 Occupational Therapist? Have a read of the job description below and if you would like more information or a chat with one of our dedicated team, please call the office on 01325 304411 or email

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Learning to use scissors

Learning to use scissors requires coordination such as fine motor, bilateral integration and eye-hand coordination. Scissor skills require instruction and practice in order to develop this fully. Does your child have a difficulty using scissors? Here are some tips to help in this area. Learning to use scissors and cutting accurately is a skill we…

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