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Tree Tops Occupational Therapy Services for Children, Adults and Parent Support Groups

Working with Families

Tree Tops Children's Occupational Therapy has qualified Occupational Therapists who have extensive experience of working with children over many years.

We see children with a range of disorders who may have a specific diagnosis or may not fit in the criteria for one.

Our therapies help children to improve their sense of achievement, happiness and wellbeing.

Working with Adults

Tree Tops Children's Occupational Therapy has qualified Occupational Therapists who have extensive experience of working with adults.

We see adults with a range of disorders who may have a specific diagnosis or may not fit in the criteria for one.

Our therapies help adults to improve their sense of achievement, happiness and wellbeing.










Therapeutic Listening Programme

The therapeutic listening programme is an auditory specialised programme that compliments sensory integration (SI).

This programme is used in our treatment sessions and provides direct input to the vestibular and auditory systems to aid anxiety, attention, balance and many more.

SI Baby Sensory

Sensory Integration Baby Course
Two of our Senior Occupational Therapists, Dawn and Laura, recently attended a two day Baby Sense Course in London, held by Occupational Therapist Meg Faure.
Meg is a specialist Occupational Therapist and author based in South Africa with over 20 years experience working with "fussy" babies, particularly those with sleep problems, irritability and feeding difficulties.
The course was extremely informative with Dawn and Laura gaining new knowledge around sensory modulation disorders in babies/infants and how to identify these. Practical activities allowed the them to plan interventions and home programmes, which involve working closely with the mother/family.
Within the next few months, Tree Tops aim to set up their very own Sensory Babies group. This will be aimed at babies and infants who appear to be "fussy" or "difficult", have problems with sleeping, feeding and may be generally challenging to settle. The group will involve working closely with both baby and mum/dad to identify sensory tools to help their child.

Extreme Behaviours (SOS)

Sensory Obtainable Solutions

“Pupils with special educational needs accounted for just under half of all exclusions”

Persistent disruptive behaviour in the classroom or home on a daily basis can have an extremely negative impact on both other children’s education and parent/carer and staff morale. Dealing with challenging behaviours can require a high level of support and result in staff, parents/carers feeling helpless when other approaches do not work. Consequently, school exclusion is unavoidable.

Tree Tops offer treatment and courses that are designed to explain how sensory processing difficulties (SPD) can cause or contribute to extreme behaviours, aggression, and anxiety in children.

It can help parents/carers and staff understand how sensory interventions can help our bodies self-regulate to stay in a “ready state”. This equips staff, parents/carers with effective tools to calm and facilitate a child’s compliance - whether they have underlying SPD or not!

Integrating sensory motor programmes and routines into a child’s day is a proactive way of addressing many children’s difficulties whilst reducing behavioural incidents.

Our course offers both theory and practical techniques combined giving participants the opportunity to try basic techniques and discuss ways of adapting interventions to suit their situation, whether in a mainstream or special school or home setting. Educating and empowering teaching staff, parents/carers will create a more positive learning environment.

Working with Schools

At Tree Tops we are passionate about enabling other professionals to understand the nature of a child’s  difficulties in particular with relation to sensory and motor difficulties.

We firmly believe educational staff should have this knowledge and know how such problems impact on a child’s learning, social and emotional wellbeing.



SOS Approach to Feeding

The SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding is a specialised programme to address the child's feeding difficulties using a sensory motor approach along with active participation of home.  It identifies the cause of the child's difficulties from a sensory processing and oral motor skills perspective, to address these problems in a very child-friendly graded way.  The aim is to develop a more positive relationship with food, to widen the child's diet and repertoire of foods ie learning, behaviour, nutrition and the environment.

The child will interact with the food in a playful and non-stressful way beginning with tolerating the food, moving on to touching, licking, tasting and eating the foods.

A structure is introduced for home with a big emphasis being on family meals and social modelling from peers and family.

“The SOS Approach to Feeding program was developed by Dr. Kay Toomey. For more information on the SOS Approach to Feeding program, please visit”  Please note, all materials, documents and forms taken from the SOS Approach to Feeding program are copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced in any form without the expressed and written permission of Dr. Kay Toomey.

Working with Parent Support Groups

At Tree Tops we have been invited to attend various parent support groups in the local area.  By giving these talks,  we can help parents/carers understand the nature of their child ’s difficulties and in particular, with relation to sensory and motor difficulties, feeding, sleep, concentration and attachment issues.

By helping to educate parents/carers, it will give them the tools to manage their child’s learning, social and emotional wellbeing.

Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI)



Sensory attachment intervention is a therapy approach that considers the young person's sensory processing alongside their emotional regulation and the impact that one has on the other.  This therapy approach looks at the child and their key adults ie parents, foster carers, teaching assistants with whom there is a meaningful and important relationship.  It is about considering the family, their daily life, and routines holistically.

Therapists work using a consultancy model whereby the key adult works with the child in a sensory enriched environment with guidance and direction prior to the session by the Occupational Therapist.  The session is videoed by the Occupational Therapist for analysis and feedback given with the key adult a week later which then helps give insight and tools for the key adult to use at home or school with the child.

It empowers the child's key adult to understand both the attachment and sensory behaviours whilst developing good co-regulation and social engagement with their child, employing sensory techniques throughout the child's day.

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Children's Occupational Therapy North East

Tree Tops Occupational Therapy Ltd are an established service with an outstanding reputation for children's occupational therapy and sensory integration expertise.  

Based in County Durham and Stockton, we work in partnership with families, schools and health professionals across the North East to make a difference to children’s lives by improving their ability to achieve as well as their general happiness and wellbeing.

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