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Archive for September 2023

Pat on the Back!

This months Tree Top ‘pat on the back’ goes to our wonderful Dawn O. Dawn is a fantastic member of our team, always looking after others and doing all she can to help. She is usually the first person that our families speak to when they contact Tree Tops and is always a friendly, kind…

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We want feedback from our followers

We hope the information we post is helpful and gives you some ideas and strategies to support you or your child. We would really value your feedback regarding the information and activities that we share. Please comment below or message our team with any feedback or maybe some topics you would like us to cover.…

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Watson!

It is with absolute great pleasure that the Tree Tops Team announce the marriage of our very own OT, Laura, to Mr Martin Watson on Friday 11 August 2023. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Watson! The world is your oyster!

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Penpal – helping with social skills

The group are in the process of pairing the children up with their peers to send postcards or write letters or even send a drawing to each other. This will help with social skills and hopefully encourage them to make more friends. We have done this several times over the years and it has always…

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Red flags – sensory under responsive

You will often find this child sitting quietly and self-contained. They can also be dormant and show little or on reaction to stimulation. Check it out. Don’t forget to pop over to our Facebook page for more information:

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Red flags – Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia – also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). This affects the child’s physical coordination and daily activities in relation to age and appear clumsy. If you need any more information, check out our Facebook page:

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