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Archive for February 2024

We’re hiring!

We are hiring! We’re looking for a third member of our Administration Team.  If you’re looking for a friendly working environment email Dawn for more information on the address below:

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Review – Tree Tops is great!

Seeing so many significant improvements with your son is wonderful. He has enjoyed coming to Tree Tops and even said he felt better, feeling more confident in school. You are all going in the right direction but you know we are here any time.

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Review – personalised and tailored support

By working on the home programme regularly, you will definitely see more difference in T and it will help him in the school environment. You mentioned significant improvements in lots of areas such as: Don’t forget to keep in touch and gives us regular updates!

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Review – growing in confidence

It is lovely to hear about a child growing in confidence. Keep up the fabulous work you are doing at home whilst you are not at Tree Tops. Seeing improvements with S’s: Continuing daily (or as much as you can) with the home programme will see S improve even more. Fantastic!

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Review – great service!

We can see from the feedback that your child definitely had a fabulous time improving feeling better about himself, received the right energy levels, great balance and strength and not to mention it has helped him in school. Feeling happier about himself after coming to Tree Tops which is just the best thing and when…

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