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Archive for September 2018

Head/Deputy Teacher – Invitation

Friday 19th October 2018 12.00pm – 2.00pm (includes buffet lunch)   Did you know occupational therapy can help concentration, fidgeting, behavioural problems, handwriting difficulties, improve self-esteem, organisation, no sense of danger, dressing skills, touch/food issues, tactile difficulties, poor memory skills, lacking motivation.?   Would you be interested in working alongside TreeTops? Tree Tops are actively…

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Parent/Carer Drop-in Session – Friday 23 November 2018, 12-2pm

Does your child dislike noises, handwriting? Do they fidget, lack concentration, have regular meltdowns (especially after school)? Do they have a poor sleep pattern or are fussy with food? Are they displaying poor fine/gross motor skills? If so, you need to come along to Tree Tops as we are having a drop in session for…

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A smile that lights up our hearts

One of our young Tree Topper’s loved his session last week, especially vestibular work when on the swings! We used sensory input to promote postural control, head movements and tracking skills, but also to increase alertness and focus. Just look at that smile! The staff enjoyed it just as much as him! #vestibular #posturalcontrol #headmovements#happysmile

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Is your young adult learning to drive?

When you have an SPD/ASD young adult who lacks/finds it challenging to concentrate, try the following tips and see if it helps:- Before going out in the car do lots of heavy work (calming) * Pushing/pulling exercises * Deep pressure (massage etc) * Brush the path or hoover * Blowing/sucking * Drink a thick milkshake…

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Handwriting Training – Monday 3rd September 2018

“Some useful coordination exercises.” “The screening tool will be very useful to help me to focus on what will be most beneficial for individuals.” “Clear and concise explanations.” “I will use splats with the whole class and highlight children for intervention for posture etc.” “Very approachable trainee, who answered all our questions. Thank you.” “I…

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SI Training – Wednesday 18th July 2018

“Excellent training, I feel much better prepared in my role now. Thanks!” “Activities shown can help our individuals to self-regulate and remain calm.” “It will help me to recognise triggers from a sensory prospective.” “Increased my understanding and awareness.” “It will help to bring new ideas and activities to CM’S.”

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