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Archive for February 2021

Going back to school after lockdown – anxiety

Going back to school after lockdown – anxiety. One of our parents spoke about this explaining the meltdowns were rearing their ugly head again. Mum said her child had worked really well during lockdown to the point they were excelling in their education. Of course, she is worried about going back but asked if there…

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How to help a child’s pencil grip

This week we’re looking at how to help your child’s pencil grip with items you already have in the house. Why is it important to have a good pencil grip?When holding a pencil or pen correctly, this requires good finger dexterity, strong hand and finger muscles. If a child does not have the correct grip,…

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No sleep to peace and tranquility

Mum always knew G was different. He is the third child and cried constantly, struggled to feed, was behind with his milestones, poor to interact, hated loud noises and much more. At age three years, mum took G to a Paediatrician who stated she could not see anything wrong. Over the years mum saw several…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day to all our followers! Some of our Tree Toppers made beautiful cards last week for their lovely families. At the same time, they were practicing handwriting, upper limb, balance and many other areas (such as the card below). Here are some fun facts about this special day: It is a day when…

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What is a sensory motor home programme?

One of our parents have asked the following question which is often mentioned to our team by other parents/carers. “My son is starting treatment in two weeks time. The OT mentioned we will be given a home programme. Why is this?” What is a sensory motor home programme? The sensory motor home programme consolidates what…

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