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Heavy Work Activities (Proprioception)

It’s heavy work activities (proprioception) again! Here are some more pushing/pulling (resistance) activities for you to use to help regulate your child, aiding stress, anxiety and much more.We’ve chosen activities that you can use in the home environment. See how you get on.

But, just in case you have missed our other tips on heavy work and why we use it, here are some helpful reminders:

Sensory inegration indicates that lots of proprioceptive input helps to calm and organise our brain.  It can be used as a strategy to help our SPD children calm their bodies down – even for us parents!

Heavy work activities (proprioception) can also be a good sensory strategy for a child that experiences sensory overload by conducting this both before and after the activity/event they may find overloading.

It can also be used for a child or even an adult who has sensory sensitivities, especially for those who have a sensitivity to touch. It is a good sensory strategy for sensory seekers which can help to organise. 

If you would like to see if your child has any difficulties with their sensory system, check out the link below.

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