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Archive for October 2021

Happy World Occupational Therapy Day!

Tree Tops would just like to recognise the vitally important work our occupational therapists do as part of #WorldOccupationalTherapyDay This year’s theme is “Belong. Be you”. It promotes the power of diversity and inclusion as occupational therapists all work together throughout the world to make sure this happens. Our occupational therapy team here at Tree Tops…

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Letter and Number Reversals

When a child starts to write, it is very common to see letter and number reversals, especially the letters b and d. How many times have you seen this happen? However, it does not mean your child has dyslexia if this occurs. Reversals are the norm up to approximately 7-8 years of age. Sometimes a…

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Play dough and putty!

Play dough and putty! We bet you did not know that play dough is a very easy and creative way for building fine motor skills for our children! The soft and squishy dough provides lots of tactile sensory challenge with lots of proprioceptive sensory feedback! It also helps to strengthen the arches of the hands…

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Have some fun this autumn with your child’s scissors!

Why are scissor skills important? They can build up hand strength for one thing! By opening and closing the scissors, this helps children build up the small muscles in their hands. These muscles are important for other daily tasks such as using cutlery, fastening buttons and zips, drawing, writing, brushing teeth and hair, getting dressed…

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