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Archive for February 2023

Online Get Together 8th March 2023, 9.30am

For a change we are hosting the online chat group during the school day. Why not sign in and meet others in the group and gain some extra tips and even part with yours. It’s only 45 minutes out of the day so bring along your cuppa and cake.

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It’s all about pencil pressure

Pencil pressure can play a huge part in legibility. Some can press too hard when writing or some not enough pressure. You may see a child pressing too hard that the paper can tear or the pencil snap! Or, on the other hand, pressure may be so light that you cannot read the letters! The…

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Events – invite us to come along

Events – invite us to come along to your PTA meetings, conferences, parent evenings etc. We have a table display that gives you a good insight into how we can help families, schools and other professionals. Tree Tops also has a vibrant sensory parent support group and to find out more, contact us.

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