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Archive for September 2020

Practicing letters/numbers/shapes/faces

Been to parents evening? Poor handwriting mentioned? Handwriting is always a cause for concern for us parents. Here is a bath time activity that is lovely, simple but easy and will help this area. We’ve added some other ideas below too: Grab a plastic tray with sides then squirt on some shaving cream but not too thick. Your child…

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Assessments Available!

Occupational therapy can support children to achieve their optimum level of daily functioning. Does your child present with the following difficulties: Sensory processing- seeking/avoiding behaviours Fine motor skills – handwriting, tying shoelaces, fastening buttons/zips Gross motor skills – getting dressed/undressed, riding a bicycle, playing various sports Extreme behaviors – meltdowns, unpredictable emotional outbursts Interaction/communication –…

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Schools – do any of your pupils have handwriting difficulties?

Attention all Schools! Did you know that handwriting is an extremely complex skill requiring good integration between our sensory, motor and cognitive functioning? There are many developmental stages before a child is ready for writing and in some instances, children may not reach these expected norms for a variety of reasons. To be able to…

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Babies – developmental milestones!

Having tummy time with your baby is a great way to encourage them to get moving and start building up those muscles in their upper body that need to control their head, roll over and crawl. NB: Always supervise a baby’s tummy time.

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Use our calming techniques to lessen anxiety and stress

Today, due to school still looming high in everyone’s thoughts we thought we would stick to calming techniques. Here is our lovely quick but simple stress reliever activity that can be done as a whole class, individually, or even at home as a family. Why not try some calming music as you do this but…

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