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Archive for April 2022

Building muscles like the hulk!

Using a child’s imagination whilst conducting the activities is a great way to get more out of them! Use themes that interest them and you will see how much more they will participate and want to do more. It is important to have calming activities after energetic activities but we can work on this more…

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Enjoying the home programme

When a child enjoys the sessions, it makes all the difference. Carrying out the home programme is also vitally important and consolidates what is conducted in the sensory integration clinic. Keep up the good work and also remember to use lots of different activities so your child does not become complacent.

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They quickly understood…

Thank you for such lovely feedback. We really saw how much your daughter enjoyed her sessions and what she got out of them. Keep doing the home programme as regular as you can as it will make such a difference in her life and daily skills.

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