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Archive for July 2019

Feeding Testimonial

It is always lovely receiving good comments, especially about feeding difficulties. One mum has sent this in to us, explaining how she has helped her child by encouraging him to eat certain foods. Works well with thick rather than thin carrots Explores sharp foods and drinks Working with lots of intensive interaction, power techniques, blowing…

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TSNB Training Testimonial – Friday 21st June 2019

“More ideas to use within motor skills groups.” “Identify sensory issues within children in the school.” “It will really help in setting up specific boxes, as well as a wider school approach.” “Within my role of supporting schools with behaviour issues and helping identify sensory needs in school.” “Gave me information on how to input…

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SOS Approach to Feeding

Ellen, one of our OT’s attended “Why Children Won’t Eat:Picky vs Problem Feeders Assessment and Treatment Using the SOS Approach to Feeding” for a four day course during June 2019. The SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach focuses on increasing children’s variety of foods and the skills required to eat effectively. This is completed by improving…

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