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Archive for June 2021

How to help in-hand manipulation skills

How to help in-hand manipulation skills – what are these? Well, in simple terms, it means it is the ability to pick up and use an object with only one hand. There are three primary in-hand manipulation skills: Rotation – this allows a child to move objects from the palm of their hand to the…

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How to help a child’s toileting skills

So, many of you have asked how to help a child’s toileting skills? A child has to be able to master many different skills in order to become independent when going to the toilet. However, once they have gained control over their bladder and bowel, they then need to learn how to clean themselves. Today…

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It’s all about the training!

Training is an important part of helping families, schools and other professionals gain more understanding about Dyspraxia (DCD) and Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD). We hear many questions such as: Why is my child’s handwriting messy? Why does my child have lots of meltdowns? Why can’t my child tie her shoelaces? Why is it my child…

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Why should children use a vertical surface?

Why should children use a vertical surface? Have you ever thought about the many developmental benefits of writing/working on a vertical surface? No? Here’s why! Shoulder stability – the use of much larger vertical surfaces ie white/chalkboards, marker boards etc allows the child to use much bigger arm movements which helps with strength and flexibility…

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