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Archive for November 2023

Christmas and the Sensory Child

Over the festive period, some of our children will find it particularly challenging in the areas mentioned below. First we have the sensory seeker who has a heightened need for sensory input or they will even seek out sensory experiences in order to fulfill this need ie seeking loud noises, fast movements, strong smells or…

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OT Week 2023 – Felicity!

#otweek2023 Here is Felicity’s favourite occupation outside of work. Felicity loves paddle boarding with her nephew and niece. She also adores exploring new places and making delicious cakes which she brings into work for us all to sample…

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OT Week 2023 – Ellen!

#OTWeek2023 Here is Ellen’s favourite occupation outside of work. Ellen loves paddle boarding and gardening with her husband and of course, the lovely Fern, their dog. Excellent balance by Ellen but more importantly Fern! Go Ellen and Fern!

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OT Week 2023!

#otweek2023 Keep an eye out for the Tree Tops Team’s favourite out of hours occupations during the week of 6 November to 10 November 2023 on our Facebook!

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