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Working with Adults

Tree Tops Children’s Occupational Therapy has qualified Occupational Therapists who have extensive experience of working with adults.

We see adults with a range of disorders who may have a specific diagnosis or may not fit the criteria for one.

We pride ourselves in helping adults by:

  • Identifying the cause of your difficulties
  • Informing you in a clear concise way
  • Offering therapy treatments to address difficulties


Therapy Treatments


We offer a range of affordable treatments:

  • Direct treatment at our clinic
  • Home treatment
  • Therapeutic listening programme
  • Sensory routine

Treatments can therefore focus on a specific area or address a number of issues, depending on your needs. This can be further discussed with our team.

Adults can benefit enormously from our programmes. The programmes are fun and easy to implement within your home environment, gym or our clinic.

Treatment not only develops your core movement skills, but also helps with every aspect of your life. By improving gross/fine motor function and sensory issues, an improvement takes place in your daily life from attention, listening, reading and writing.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access our service as through intervention we see improvements in emotional well-being, confidence and motivation. Ultimately as life becomes easier, all aspects of your life will improve.

To arrange an appointment with us or to have a chat, please give us a call on 01325 304411.


Here is an example of how one of our adults felt when they contacted us originally:-

"Sensory problems are an all-encompassing, thoroughly overwhelming issue. There is not a single part of your life that is unaffected, there is no compartmentalisation when it comes to sensory overload. When your senses are heightened and a massive list of simple everyday stimuli (such as a fluorescent light or the sound of a car exhaust pipe) that has no effect on others has the power to completely short-circuit you, your life has to be extensively adjusted just to be able to function like everyone else. When you are constantly physically suffering from overstimulation, you suffer mentally too, and it is exhausting. Your ability to handle the stresses of life (such as work and relationships) becomes massively diminished because you are always already at that extra level of stress. You become more irritable and impatient, you are prone to derailing meltdowns, you are more distracted, you lack the energy to do the things you have to in order to function, so you start avoiding doing anything additional, including hobbies.
Unaddressed, unmanaged sensory issues make you an unhappy person who is not too pleasant to be around- it is bad for everyone. Many people do not quite grasp how severely debilitating sensory issues are, but it should be known."

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Client Testimonials - Tree Tops Clinic


County Durham

"Through structure and pushing the boundaries each week we saw a huge change in our son’s relationships with adults and other children. Asking our son about the experience he will tell you that he loves attending Tree Tops because it’s fun and exciting and he can wrestle with the bear in Reception."


County Durham

You've helped E* and ourselves in so many ways.  Staff have been super friendly, responding to queries quickly, offering lots of advice.  Thanks for everything.


County Durham

Great service! Additional resources informative and the one-to-one sessions have improved T's motor skills.


County Durham

"I found the Tree Tops service to be first class.  The support to myself and my child was excellent.  The biggest difference was C*'s handwriting skills, they improved 100%!"


County Durham

"Brilliant day with excellent information that had relevant case studies.  For home, understanding my child and her sensory awareness/distresses."


County Durham

"Very impressive service.  Programmes and comments were very constructive and have led to big improvements.  Thank you."

Children's Occupational Therapy North East

Tree Tops Occupational Therapy Ltd are an established service with an outstanding reputation for children's occupational therapy and sensory integration expertise.  

Based in County Durham, we work in partnership with families, schools and health professionals across the North East to make a difference to children’s lives by improving their ability to achieve as well as their general happiness and wellbeing.

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