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Archive for October 2022

SOS – how to blow your nose!

SOS – how to blow your nose! This is definitely a very challenging task for our SPD children and there are some very good reasons why they cannot blow their nose. The steps to blowing a nose: The sensation of acknowledging the nose is full or stuffy Holding the tissue Instead of sniffing, the feeling…

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What is autonomic response?

What is autonomic response? You may or may not have heard this term before. Here are some of the signs: However, you can do take action to reduce the above: Deep breathing exercises – this can slow down the heart rate, blood pressure and even meltdowns. Self-regulation – sensory integration (SI) treatment can teach a…

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Sensory Parent Support Group Online Zoom Meeting

Online Zoom meeting for all those Tree Topper families out there, our SPD Parent Support Group are having an online meeting a week on Sunday (see flyer for more details). If you are interested in joining, either message/post on this link or email the group directly for more details: Meetings are usually only 40-60…

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Balance Activities

Balance activities – we need good balance to enable us to take part in daily living skills, sports, games and playing with others safely without causing injury (using the protective responses). Balance skills include: core strength gross motor skills visual motor skills proprioceptive input vestibular input What is static and dynamic balance Both static and…

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