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Archive for January 2022

Let’s Start 2022 with Confidence

Let’s start 2022 with confidence. It’s always nice to chat to others in the same boat. So, tonight we are having a chit-chat on Zoom to put the world to rights! All our members are friendly and more than happy to impart their knowledge to help others. Come along and join us at 8pm for an informal…

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We used to avoid going out

We are so proud of how much he has come on since attending for an assessment then sessions. It is fantastic to hear how much the coping techniques and strategies have helped him to stay calm which then enabled him to go out into the world and explore. Keep up the good work! We shall…

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Difficulties brushing teeth

Does your child have difficulties brushing teeth? Brushing teeth is an important part of our oral hygiene routine but for a child with sensory sensitivities, this task can be exceptionally difficult. If a child is over responsive to touch, this can result in them not tolerating anything in or around the mouth therefore no tooth…

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Why are bilateral skills important?

Why are bilateral skills important? Well, these skills are vitally important as we use them for so many different movements and actions that require both sides of our body to perform together such as: walking playing catching balls cutting When you are unable to cross the body midline, it means that the two sides of…

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