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Archive for November 2019

Sensory Workshop Testimonial – Monday 28th October 2019

“It has given further thought to some principles I was already aware of, but the information on how it can help gave me better understanding. Heavy work in particular.” “Practical examples to calm or alert children at different times of the day, will benefit our students greatly!” “I feel it may be very useful for…

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One of our favourite SENCO’s is leaving at Christmas and we received this lovely comment from their school, Beech Grove Primary. “It’s been great working with Laura and Dawn. I can’t think of any outside agency support we have had that has had such a positive impact on the children – and that’s not only…

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We are looking for a Paediatric OT!

Job purpose: To assess and treat children with a range of Developmental Disorders within Tree Tops clinic and the school environment. To deliver monthly OT service to mainstream SLA schools   Key Responsibilities and duties: Assessment of child’s fine /gross motor development, visual perceptual and handwriting skills using standardised tests Take lead role in treatment…

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An inspirational testimonial

This is an inspirational message from one of our families. However, we would also like to thank them for sharing this very personal journey with us all and to wish them the very best in the future. “I wanted to write a little about my experience with Tree Tops as I wished to read about…

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Bonfire Night

How did your firework night go? Did your child have difficulties with the noise, bright lights, crowds? Drop us a message and let us know your story.

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Occupational Therapy Week 4-10th November 2019

An Occupational Therapist will consider your child’s strengths, abilities and health care needs. They will find out what you and your child want/need to be able to manage with daily life, offering support and strategies whether it is for handwriting, sensory issues, feeding, sleep, concentration, fidgeting – in fact, the list is endless! Follow our…

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