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Review – Tree Tops Family

Being regulated throughout the day is very important. If a child is not regulated, they will not be able to listen or concentrate and will become fidgety, moving around excessively in their seat. When attending sessions at Tree Tops, conducting the home programme helps a child to put the foundation movement skills into place. Well…

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SOS – how to blow your nose!

SOS – how to blow your nose! This is definitely a very challenging task for our SPD children and there are some very good reasons why they cannot blow their nose. The steps to blowing a nose: The sensation of acknowledging the nose is full or stuffy Holding the tissue Instead of sniffing, the feeling…

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How to create a home sensory circuit!

How to create a home sensory circuit! Well, sensory circuits are a fantastic way in which to help alert and calm children. The aim is to help focus and concentration to allow them to be ready for learning. It also develops sensory processing skills. Sensory circuits are usually conducted first thing in the morning in…

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Use our calming techniques to lessen anxiety and stress

Today, due to school still looming high in everyone’s thoughts we thought we would stick to calming techniques. Here is our lovely quick but simple stress reliever activity that can be done as a whole class, individually, or even at home as a family. Why not try some calming music as you do this but…

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Why do we need good upper limb strength?

Does your child display:- * poor handwriting* a lack of concentration* lean on walls/chairs* supports head with hand when writing* poor coordination* slumps down in their seat* swap hands when writing Here is a great upper limb exercise that will strengthen the above areas. Have a go!

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Autumn/Winter Training Dates

Tree Tops Children’s Occupational Therapy Autumn/Winter Training Dates   Fussy or Problem Feeders.  Is it sensory, motor or behaviour? Friday 30 September 2016 Friday 27 January 2017 *** Sensory Processing; Think Sensory Not Behaviour Monday 31 October 2016 Monday 27 February 2017 *** Handwriting.  Heaven or Hell? Friday 25 November 2016 *** Motor Skills: Move…

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