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Archive for May 2023

Loves coming to Tree Tops!

All our Tree Toppers love coming to Tree Tops. This is what makes our jobs so amazing and fulfilling, the children and their families. Hope to see you soon but in the meantime, keep up with the home programme!

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School report recognises improvements

Great improvements have been seen in S’s handwriting, fine/gross motor skills and concentration. School have reported S as making lots of progress in the above areas. Keep doing the home programme and the improvements will be visible for all to see.

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Very good impovements

A sensory diet is great when conducted daily to help a child regulate. This helps them to achieve much more within their daily lives. Well done W! Keep us posted on how W gets on.

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Assessment bookings

June is now all booked up. If you are looking for a sensory motor assessment for your child, we are now taking bookings for July and August. Give us a call!

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Get strengthening those hand muscles!

A child who displays poor legible handwriting and hand strength should have a go at the following fun activities which will help strengthen their hand muscles. This will help their motor skills and also daily living skills such as fastening zips, buttons, using cutlery!

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