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The fizzy bottle effect in your child

What does the fizzy bottle effect in your child mean?

Does your child come home some or most evenings from school and have a total meltdown (or even before school)?

Do they say they have a poorly tummy, headache or drag their feet in the mornings?

Can they sit and focus on their homework?

Are they a fussy eater?

Can they be emotional, stubborn or even fearful of things? Are they anxious or feeling stressed?

Do they find it difficult to make friends?

In the classroom are they unable to sit still, concentrate, work as part of a group, appear disorganised and fidget?

The fizzy bottle effect in your child means that your SPDer may have reactions that can be difficult to understand or even explain. Their body is automatically reacting to daily surroundings that can send them into a ‘fight or flight’ action which can then be perceived as “bad behaviour”. Every day our SPDers may feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or even aggressive.

The fizzy bottle effect in your child

Here are some links to more heavy work (proprioceptive) activities that would definitely help the above areas:

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