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What is Heavy Work?

What is heavy work and how can it help your child?

Well, a child who is seeking proprioceptive input might be more prone to do things that are not safe, ie crashing into or jumping off of things. They may suffer from meltdowns, display anxiety, and many more. Ring a bell?

By doing regular heavy work activities, it will mean your child is more self-regulated and able to sit and concentrate for longer periods of time, leading to fewer meltdowns. You can do heavy work activities before and after an activity that your child feels overwhelmed by.

Have a look below.

Proprioceptive activities can also help to wake up the muscles getting our bodies in an alert state and ready for anything.

The activities can also be used throughout the school day to get pupils ready for learning.  It will aid concentration, fine motor skills, touch input, sitting still and lessen fidgety behaviour.

Next week we will post some more ideas to help you over the Christmas period.

Read a bit more about the dysfunction in Sensory Integration (Sensory Processing Disorder) and how it can affect your child by clicking on the link below:

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