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How to help in-hand manipulation skills

How to help in-hand manipulation skills – what are these? Well, in simple terms, it means it is the ability to pick up and use an object with only one hand. There are three primary in-hand manipulation skills: Rotation – this allows a child to move objects from the palm of their hand to the…

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The fizzy bottle effect in your child

What does the fizzy bottle effect in your child mean? Does your child come home some or most evenings from school and have a total meltdown (or even before school)? Do they say they have a poorly tummy, headache or drag their feet in the mornings? Can they sit and focus on their homework? Are…

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Remote Therapy Class – Handwriting

Remote therapy class – handwriting is Tree Tops’ pioneering new dynamic way of delivering occupational therapy services directly into your home. We would like to introduce you to our second Zoom remote therapy class – handwriting which will help your child(ren) with any difficulties in this area. Don’t worry, the sessions will be fun and…

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Facebook Page Review from a follower

Our Facebook is there to help one and all. However, to receive a Facebook page review from a follower to say how much it has helped them especially throughout lockdown, is just tremendous! A couple of days ago, our team received this wonderful message from one of our followers. Mum said, “Can I take this…

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