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The dreaded back to school!

So, the dreaded back to school. The summer holiday has come to a close and you just know our children will be anxious and nervous about returning to school. We have therefore put some strategies together for you below to help out today and the next few days. Hope they help!

The dreaded back to school

Remember – lots of heavy work such as carrying something heavy (books, sort the tin cupboard out), brush the path, go for a walk and whilst doing this, wear a heavy rucksack are all very simple activities that will help with calming. Also, try some of the calming activities by clicking on the links below:

More Ideas!

When they go to school, draw a little heart on a piece of paper and place in their pencil case. You also keep one too to stay connected with them.

Give transition cards out to the pupils with a special message on each one which they have to keep safe at all times.

The back to school transition storm will soon be over and forgotten about. The sun will shine – honestly!

Finally, once they get settled, still continue with calming and heavy work as this will aid their self-regulation.

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