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Letter and number reversals

Letter and number reversals – it is not unusual for young children to reverse their letters and numbers when they learn to read and write. However, reversals and poor handwriting could be due to the child being unable to: recall the way to record a letter or number what the letter or number looks like…

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Holiday anxiety?

Holiday anxiety? Going on holiday with your children can be a really hard and stressful time. Sensory processing issues can escalate with even the tiniest and simple things. To prevent sensory overload and avoid the meltdowns, check out our video for some helpful tips. Some more helpful tips for holiday anxiety: take a sensory travel…

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Training Testimonial – North Yorkshire

Enjoying the practical sessions (even when it is an online training) is part of the course as it gives you an understanding of how to implement each sensory tool. Good luck with your sensory diets and again look forward to seeing how you get on.

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