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As discussed last week, the changing of the seasons and time can cause havoc in the household.

Having to adapt to a different set of clothes for the new season can be hard for any sensory child. You may hear “Everything feels scratchy” or “Everything feels tight” or even just plain weird.

Even changing to those wintery jeans that they’ve worn last year, the worn tag can irritate. It may never have bothered your child last year but now it does!

There are other issues when switching to a different set of clothes too. The changes in their routine, now wearing jeans/trousers instead of those lovely shorts and tee shirts that they have worn throughout Spring and Summer and possibly Autumn. So, now it’s long sleeved shirts and long trousers which can be uncomfortable for the sensory child. These may feel heavy and restricting compared to looser Summer clothing. Even getting sweaty in the heavier clothing can cause a meltdown! Remember, it is a constant adaption for your SPD child.

Here are some tips to help:

Remember seasonal changes can bring meltdowns!

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