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How do blowing bubbles help with development?

How do blowing bubbles help with development?

There are so many fabulous benefits of blowing bubbles which can be played outdoors or indoors.  A number of different bubble blowing tools are available which makes it even more fun (and not just for the children)! So, how do blowing bubbles help with development we hear you ask?

Gross motor – encourages lots of movement with all parts of the body.

Fine motor – by holding a bubble wand, it will help with your child’s grasp and manipulation. This in turn will help with a pencil grip, writing and working with other daily tools in the future ie cutlery.

Social communication – what a great way to have fun! You can blow bubbles independently, in groups, with friends or siblings. It will help with moving around, spatial awareness when others are around them. Blowing bubbles are great when you are feeling anxious as it slows your breathing down when blowing, making you feel calm.

Oral motor – by helping your child blow bubbles by themselves this is a great way of developing the muscles of the jaw and mouth. It can also help with children who drool or dribble as it increases muscle tone around their mouth, aiding speech. It make take a while to learn how to blow but they will get there.

Hand-eye coordination – you can help this area by asking your child to pop the bubbles. Try two hands, then one hand then a finger, even a foot! It all helps! These activities help with the basic foundation skills ready for throwing a ball, kicking the ball or even catching.

Visual tracking – when blowing bubbles it can aid visual skills. You know yourself your eyes will follow a bubble in the air. If a child follows the bubbles, they learn to use their eyes by fixing on them, tracking them and again, this is a basic foundation skill that gets the child ready for school ie reading, writing.

So, get those bubbles out and have some fun! See how your child will improve in these areas.

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