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Fussy or Problem Feeder? Is it Sensory, Motor or Behaviour?

Tree Tops Children’s Occupational Therapy have extensive experience of working with children who have feeding difficulties by using the SOS Approach to Feeding programme.


How does this work?


SOS (sequential, oral and sensory) is a specialised type of programme that assesses feeding difficulties from a different point of view from muscles, sensory, development, oral motor, organs, learning, nutrition, behaviour, and the environment etc.

At Tree Tops we allow the child to 'interact' with the food in a playful way ie touching, tasting and eating with the environment of where the child eats being vitally important.

We have several children coming to Tree Tops at the moment who are doing fabulously. Below are some pictures of one child's fun therapy session where he decided he wanted to make a "moustache man" which was made from sausage, apricot and peppers.

It was great play therapy and interaction followed by a good old fashioned munch!

If you have any questions about your child and their eating, please contact us. We also host feeding workshops for parents/carers and professionals.

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