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Now eating pizza and hot dogs

Thank you. We love working with your son and think the feeling is mutual!! To see how much he has improved is wonderful but the most important thing is seeing him eat other foods and building on that. Just a tremendous achievement for him

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How do blowing bubbles help with development?

There are so many fabulous benefits of blowing bubbles which can be played outdoors or indoors.  A number of different bubble blowing tools are available which makes it even more fun (and not just for the children)! So, how do blowing bubbles help with development we hear you ask? Gross motor – encourages lots of…

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Remote Therapy Classes Food Therapy

Tree Tops is pioneering a new dynamic way of delivering occupational therapy services directly into your home – online therapy classes! We would like to introduce you to the first of our remote Zoom therapy classes – food therapy which will help your child(ren) with any difficulties in this area. Don’t worry, the sessions will…

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