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Going back to school after lockdown – anxiety

Going back to school after lockdown – anxiety. One of our parents spoke about this explaining the meltdowns were rearing their ugly head again. Mum said her child had worked really well during lockdown to the point they were excelling in their education. Of course, she is worried about going back but asked if there was anything she could do. Read on!

Here are a few ideas to help your child going back to school after lockdown – anxiety:

  • It’s good to talk – chat about the school routine. Use pictures/visuals if possible. Drive or walk by the school as this keeps the school present in your child’s memory.
  • Anxiety – your child will feel fear in their body but you can help them feel calmer by conducting lots of heavy work/calming activities. Do some short bursts of physical activity, deep breathing, taking part in this with them.
  • New clothing – wash before wearing. This will ensure the “stiff’ feel will disappear plus will smell of your washing powder as normal. It may even mean a couple of washes to make sure, but definitely worth it.
  • School routine – try not to let them go to bed too late or even sleep in nearer the start of the new school week. This will get them into the routine and ready for school.
  • Make contact with friends – if you have not already done so, make contact with their friends. They will probably still be in regular contact with their teacher so this should bridge the gap with school.
  • Give lots of encouragement – build up their confidence.
  • Have a worry box – sometimes this helps.

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