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How to help a child’s pencil grip

This week we’re looking at how to help your child’s pencil grip with items you already have in the house.

Why is it important to have a good pencil grip?
When holding a pencil or pen correctly, this requires good finger dexterity, strong hand and finger muscles. If a child does not have the correct grip, they will not be able to write for any period of time and many times will complain of pain in their hand and/or arm.

Is it helpful to correct this problem?
Yes. It is exceptionally important to address a poor pencil grip as early as you can, whether the child is left or right handed. A poor grip can affect the speed and fluency when recording letters/numbers and in turn, impact upon their achievement in school. It will also add to the child being stressed and anxiety along with pains in joints. Sitting correctly at the writing table is also vitally important. By improving a sitting posture, this can also improve handwriting.

How to help a child’s pencil grip? There are many ways to improve a pencil grip so take a look at the tip below that looks at what you have in your household to help this challenging area.

Take a look at the three videos above as they explain how handwriting can be challenging for a child.

For another little tip that can be done even whilst watching the TV is below:

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