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What is a sensory motor home programme?

One of our parents have asked the following question which is often mentioned to our team by other parents/carers.

“My son is starting treatment in two weeks time.

The OT mentioned we will be given a home programme.

Why is this?”

What is a sensory motor home programme?

The sensory motor home programme consolidates what we do in our clinic. The more you do, the more it helps. Even if you have had five, ten or twenty weeks of treatment, keep doing the programme after you have finished your sessions with us as it will help your child in so many ways.

From time to time, your child may get bored with the programme as nothing stays the same. However, you can always come back and get it changed.

Tree Tops offer top-up sessions which are a great way of checking you are doing everything right. Remember, not to put yourself under stress though to get the whole programme done daily. Sometimes this is not possible but even if you do one or two activities, it all helps.

If you have any questions, just ask but if you want to know how we work together with our families, click on the link below.

When your child attends for treatment, we also ask what aims and objects you want them to achieve. One of our families below wanted their child to learn to swim. Find out how we achieved this by clicking on the link below.

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