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No sleep to peace and tranquility

Mum always knew G was different. He is the third child and cried constantly, struggled to feed, was behind with his milestones, poor to interact, hated loud noises and much more.

At age three years, mum took G to a Paediatrician who stated she could not see anything wrong. Over the years mum saw several Physiotherapists, Podiatrist, Neurologist and various Doctors. Everyone said G was fine, just behind. G even wore a soft helmet from age two to three years as he could not stay on his feet and was constantly bruised.

At age three he was diagnosed with a serious heart disorder. Mum thought the way G was, was because of his heart, and once on medication, he would improve. However, he did not. G’s heart problem was controlled but he was exactly the same.

From the age of four to five years, G stopped sleeping and became extremely angry. He would scream for hours at bedtime. He would be awake during the night and screaming for hours. He was frustrated over everything, exhausting his family.

After six months mum was desperate. The family had not slept and their social life stopped. They were not enjoying their little boy. G’s siblings were struggling terribly and they had exhausted everything, including a Psychologist.

A friend told mum about Tree Tops. She contacted us and spoke to a colleague a couple of times before organising an assessment. Mum was crying, desperate. Mum explained that to have someone who understood G was such a relief.

G was assessed and in the feedback after the assessment, his parents were informed that G, who was now aged five years, had SPD and Dyspraxia. Mum knew this already but to be told was very upsetting. After sitting through the explanation, dad was not convinced this “treatment” would work.

So, every Friday for ten sessions, G attended Tree Tops with a two hour round trip. After five weeks of watching G “crazy playing” with the OTs and the family being advised a sensory home diet was required, they started to see a change. G was calmer and mum was able to see the signs and knew what to do. Mum also felt supported.

G’s family understands that they may have to return and things could slip a little bit but they are now on a good pathway. However, G has now had more intervention but his family have commented that G sleeps, speaks to people, has very little tantrums now. School, family and friends have seen a difference in him and comment that he just looks happy!

Mum commented that for others starting on this journey. Go for it! You have nothing to lose.

Update: G has attended for some extra sessions to consolidate his progress and update his home programme.

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