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How to help in-hand manipulation skills

How to help in-hand manipulation skills – what are these? Well, in simple terms, it means it is the ability to pick up and use an object with only one hand. There are three primary in-hand manipulation skills: Rotation – this allows a child to move objects from the palm of their hand to the…

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How to help a child’s pencil grip

This week we’re looking at how to help your child’s pencil grip with items you already have in the house. Why is it important to have a good pencil grip?When holding a pencil or pen correctly, this requires good finger dexterity, strong hand and finger muscles. If a child does not have the correct grip,…

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Remote Therapy Class – Handwriting

Remote therapy class – handwriting is Tree Tops’ pioneering new dynamic way of delivering occupational therapy services directly into your home. We would like to introduce you to our second Zoom remote therapy class – handwriting which will help your child(ren) with any difficulties in this area. Don’t worry, the sessions will be fun and…

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How to reduce anxiety when handwriting in school

#TipoftheWeek! Ask yourself: Does your school have a lot of pupils who find handwriting challenging? Do pupils display letter/number reversals? Light/hard pressure, spidery writing – sometimes or always illegible? Lots of fidgeting/lacking concentration. Lots of movement?Meltdowns/frustrations? A lot of children find handwriting a very challenging area which can lead to massive frustrations in the classroom,…

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