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How to reduce anxiety when handwriting in school


Ask yourself:

  • Does your school have a lot of pupils who find handwriting challenging?
  • Do pupils display letter/number reversals?
  • Light/hard pressure, spidery writing – sometimes or always illegible?
  • Lots of fidgeting/lacking concentration.
  • Lots of movement?Meltdowns/frustrations?

A lot of children find handwriting a very challenging area which can lead to massive frustrations in the classroom, meltdowns/anger at home and/or school, ending up with them not wanting to go to school. They may start feeling sickly regularly, increasing anxiety and stress, ending up with the child being kept in at break time due to “naughty behaviour” which can hinder their progress.

We have the answer!

A whole school manual. Even if you are a parent/carer, we are able to help you. For more information, please contact us.

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