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Mindfulness Calming Craft Activity

Here is a lovely mindfulness calming craft activity that your child can make from scratch.

The activity below is a breathing exercise:

Mindfulness Calming Craft Activity

Do you feel that your child sometimes needs to chill out? Do they present as anxious, stressed, have lots of meltdowns (especially when they arrive home from school or going somewhere new), dislike noise, feel overwhelmed by even the simplest of situations and much more? Are they unable to settle down or relax, always on the go, overstimulated?

When our children have these feelings, it can be really challenging for them to self-regulate. A lot of sensory children have not learned this skill but we can help them to regulate and calm down.

You can use calming activities:

  • Before, after or even during periods when they feel overwhelmed ie parties, going to the cinema, visiting people or venues.
  • To calm your child down ie before bedtime.
  • Before and after school.

By watching your child, you will be able to monitor when they need this calming input.

Calming activities give sensory input to the child’s mind and body. However, each child is different so it is important to gauge how much sensory input they will need to respond.

Do you know what activities calm you down? At Tree Tops we discussed this and the team found we were really different in what we required:

  • Going for a walk.
  • Yoga.
  • Listening to music.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Lying down and having no noise.
  • Having a hot bath.
  • Having time to yourself.
  • Cooking.
  • Playing the piano.
  • Going to the gym.

Try some of these activities too:

Why is self-regulation important in our daily lives? Check it out!

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