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How to create a home sensory circuit!

How to create a home sensory circuit! Well, sensory circuits are a fantastic way in which to help alert and calm children. The aim is to help focus and concentration to allow them to be ready for learning. It also develops sensory processing skills.

Sensory circuits are usually conducted first thing in the morning in schools. However, they can also be done in the home environment too. The activities from the sensory circuit can be utilised at various times of the day. They can even used as and when required to self-regulate your child. It really does work!

Have a look at the sensory circuit we have put together below:

How to create a home sensory circuit!

Just remember to include the following when planning your circuit:

  • Alerting – vestibular (balance) activities such as skipping, bouncing on the trampoline, star jumps on the trampoline, jumping over objects and log /sausage roll (rolling along the floor).
  • Organising – organising the body, planning movements such as throwing, balancing, hopping, climbing.
  • Calming – when concluding the circuit, wall/floor push ups, carrying the heavy books etc. This will help your child to remain calm (heavy work or deep pressure activities for proprioception).

The sensory circuit helps your child to be in a the “ready state” for learning by being alert and “switched on”. It will help:

What else can a sensory circuit improve?

  • Improve confidence and self-esteem.
  • Aid the development of physical skills.
  • Aid communication skills.
  • Improve concentration, attention and fidgeting.
  • Awaken “dormant” children so they are more likely to engage in learning.
  • Aid independent dressing skills – they are more likely to take off their shoes and socks to join in with the circuit.
  • Aid counting etc – when using a trampoline, count the bounces, jumps.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Improve behaviour.

We have added some links below to give you more ideas.

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