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Holiday anxiety?

Holiday anxiety? Going on holiday with your children can be a really hard and stressful time. Sensory processing issues can escalate with even the tiniest and simple things.

To prevent sensory overload and avoid the meltdowns, check out our video for some helpful tips.

Holiday anxiety

Some more helpful tips for holiday anxiety:

  • take a sensory travel kit – this would include ear defenders, fidget toys
  • talk about your trip – you could even look over the route, talk about the sensory information they may come across eg in an airport the loud sounds, fuel smells, lots of people and going through security checks
  • keep toiletries the same – do not change shampoo or soap etc as this would be a new texture, smell or taste
  • extra time – just in case your child is overwhelmed and in need of frequent movement breaks
  • frequent movement breaks during the car journey – sensory children find it hard to remain seated for any length of time
  • food – keep these familiar and if you are going abroad and your child has difficulties with food, let the hotel know so they can hopefully accommodate your child’s needs
  • routines – try to stick to the usual family routine if possible
  • quiet corners – if you miss a flight or have a long delay, the waiting game can be a stressful time for our children so try to find a quiet area where it is now as crowded
  • boarding a plane – most airlines accommodate families needing extra support. Contact them before your journey to see what they can offer ie pre-boarding

If you need more daily self-regulation activities to aid holiday anxiety, take a look at the following:


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