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Sensory Processing Red Flags

What are the red flags of Sensory Processing Difficulties? Take a look and see.

Red Flags of Sensory Processing Difficulties

What are sensory processing issues?

Sensory processing issues actually refers to trouble managing the information that comes in through our senses. These issues, sometimes called sensory processing disorder or sensory integration disorder, can have a huge impact on our learning and on everyday life.

Some of us with sensory processing difficulties may have trouble organising and responding to information from our senses; sights, smells, textures, sounds, tastes. It can create a feeling of ‘sensory overload’. Even bright lights, loud noises and textures or clothing or food can trigger a child to get upset or feel overwhelmed.

There are two types of sensory processing difficulties and at times, some of us can experience a mixture of the two.

  • Oversensitivity (hypersensitivity) – this leads to a child being very sensory avoiding because it can be overwhelming.
  • Undersensitivity (hyposensitivity) – this can lead to a child being very sensory seeking, looking for more sensory stimulation throughout their daily life.

Sensory processing issues are not a specific learning disability although they can still have a huge impact upon a child’s learning ability.

The key thing to remember here is:

  • Children with sensory processing issues may be oversensitive, undersensitive, or even both!
  • Occupational therapists like our team at Tree Tops can help a child learn to manage daily sensory challenges.
  • Understanding your child’s reactions and of course triggers is vitally important to helping your child cope and make family life much easier.

Check out our videos which will explain in even more detail about sensory processing and how you can help your child.

Did you know, sensory processing can also affect your child’s eating. Here’s Ellen, our food therapy expert explaining this in more detail:

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