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Play dough and putty!

Play dough and putty! We bet you did not know that play dough is a very easy and creative way for building fine motor skills for our children! The soft and squishy dough provides lots of tactile sensory challenge with lots of proprioceptive sensory feedback! It also helps to strengthen the arches of the hands and aid a pencil grasp.

Here are some tips:

  • roll small out balls of play dough between the palms of the hands
  • roll out long snakes on the table then cut them with a play dough knife
  • roll out small balls of the play dough between the thumb, point and middle fingers
  • use a well cooked or non-sticky play dough for those children who are over sensitive to tactile activities
  • squash, pound and play with the play dough to give lots of proprioceptive and tactile feedback
  • hide small objects in the play dough so your child has to dig it out (aids tactile stimulation)

There are lots of activities you can do but watch out for our videos in the next few weeks!

Play dough and putty – a great fine motor activity!

More play dough ideas!

Have fun!

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