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New Year’s Eve Sensory Tips!

New Year’s Eve Sensory Tips – we know sometimes on New Year’s Eve, some families have a tradition where they set off some fireworks to see in the New Year. However, fireworks can be an unexpected stress problem for our children with sensory processing issues.

Sensory tips for New Year's Eve

Here are some ideas to combat the difficulties this evening may bring:

* Increase heavy work activities throughout the day

* Talk about fireworks (plan ahead)

* Watch the television with the volume at a tolerable level

* At bedtime, use a weighted blanket (adhere to OT advice)

* Use ear defenders (if during the day)

* Play music in your child’s bedroom

* Watch for triggers to prevent meltdowns

* Have a bath and warm milky drink before bedtime

We truly hope you have a lovely evening and your children sleep soundly.

Other New Year’s Eve sensory tips

Heavy work activities

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