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Letter and number reversals

Letter and number reversals – it is not unusual for young children to reverse their letters and numbers when they learn to read and write. However, reversals and poor handwriting could be due to the child being unable to:

  • recall the way to record a letter or number
  • what the letter or number looks like
  • how to start the letter or number
  • sound of the letter
  • spelling
  • how big to write the letter
  • copy the letter or number from a page or whiteboard etc

Write is quite a complex skill. It can cause directional confusion, spatial perceptual difficulties and not forgetting the visual aspect (visual perception). Challenges also come from poor fine motor skills, motor planning and a lack of hand dominance or even if you have a left hander.

Letter and number reversals

A lot of our parents ask if letter and number reversals means their child could have dyslexia. Dyslexia means problems learning to read, spell and write whereas there is much more to the reversals than you know. Remember – children also develop at different ages.

If your child has a problem in this area, give us a ring for a chat. We are more than happy to help.

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