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Occupational therapy can support children to achieve their optimum level of daily functioning.

Does your child present with the following difficulties:

Sensory processing- seeking/avoiding behaviours

Fine motor skills – handwriting, tying shoelaces, fastening buttons/zips

Gross motor skills – getting dressed/undressed, riding a bicycle, playing various sports

Extreme behaviors – meltdowns, unpredictable emotional outbursts

Interaction/communication – social skills

Planning/organisational skills – routines

Fussy/picky eater – gags on food, limited diet, does not like food touching, chewing

Visual perception – recognising letters/numbers/shapes

Independent living skills – dressing, toileting

Wellbeing – anxious, low self-esteem, self-harm

Tree Tops conduct assessments to help the above areas. A detailed report is compiled from the findings along with recommendations. Our reports can also be used in conjunction with EHCP’s.

At the present time, we have Monday’s and Friday’s available to conduct assessments but for more information, please give us a call on 01325 304411.

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