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Schools – do any of your pupils have handwriting difficulties?

A Handwriting Programme is available!

Attention all Schools!

Did you know that handwriting is an extremely complex skill requiring good integration between our sensory, motor and cognitive functioning?

There are many developmental stages before a child is ready for writing and in some instances, children may not reach these expected norms for a variety of reasons.

To be able to write, a child needs to have solid foundation movement skills such as postural stability, right/left integration and motor planning which develop from efficient sensory processing. You need:

* Correct posture
* Upper limb stability
* Hand strength
* Thumb stability
* Pencil grip and control
* Speed/Pressure

Tree Tops can offer schools a whole class handwriting programme which can also be conducted in your bubbles! The activities are designed to aid the child’s ability to focus and get into a “ready state” of arousal and attention for writing.

If you would like further information, please message this post or drop us an email.

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